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Find out more about the story of York Photo Walks

Paula Duck – York photo walks founder

It’s always been a mission of mine to help fellow lovers of all things photographic to engage and pass on my knowledge. Thats why York photo walks was born. York is so full of wonderful places and with a rich history there is always a picture to capture.

York Photo walks is about learning and developing your photography knowledge, whilst exploring and finding out about the wonders of the city.

I have been involved in teaching photography to children and adults for many years passing on my knowledge is an enriching experience. I also love just meeting new people and talking techniques and photographic styles, I am always ready to learn and pass on my knowledge.

Paula Duck Photographer

About Me

I love being based in York, one of the most beautiful cities in the UK, there is always something to inspire me when I am out and about, usually with a camera in tow. I love capturing shots of everyday street life and the places I visit just for me.

Some of my other loves include, hanging out on the waves sailing, playing, watching and listening to music, strolls in the woods and visiting many wonderful cities all around the world.

I have 20+ years professional experience in photography and education. In the beginning every shot taken on precious film and it was important to make sure every exposure was not wasted. I learned that the scene settings, backgrounds and lights needed to be just right to achieve the perfect shot.  These days we use high quality digital photography however all of those skills remain embedded in my approach. Even now I don’t like to waste shots and always keep the output ‘in focus’ so to say.